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About Us

Panamericana Family Medicine Clinic 


Panamericana Clinic Mission: to provide comprehensive medical care to our patients through dedicated and compassionate health providers in order to preserve their greatest treasure: their health. We acknowledge the right of our patient to receive high-quality care while taking into account their unique physical, mental, cultural, emotional and spiritual needs.


Panamericana Clinic vision: Panamericana clinic team see ourselves providing the best comprehensive medical care for our patients, we want to become a place where our patients will satisfy all their health needs. Panamericana clinic see itself as the place where our patients will find health, life and wellness

Services We Offer

Urgent Care
Panamericana Family medicine Clinic provides treatment for injuries and illnesses offering a convenient, lower-cost alternative to visiting a hospital emergency room.

Family Care
Panfamed Clinic is currently accepting primary care patients. Call us for an Appointment! Panfamed Clinic provides continued care for the following:

  • Diabetes

  • Hypertension

  • Asthma

  • Heart disease

  • Annual physical examination

  • Well-women’s examination

  • Chronic conditions


Lab Work
Our on-site laboratory meets CLIA standards. We provide testing for the vast majority of tests required by urgent care patients while you wait.

Providers On-Site Every Day
Every time you enter Panamericana Family medicine Clinic you will be seen by one of our provider because you deserve nothing less.

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