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How Do Well Child Exams Help Your Child? Well child exams should be thought of as a checkup for success. These visits provide primary care that in- clude wellness checks that are important to the health and well being of your child.

These Exams Can Help:

  • To raise questions and concerns, in regards to your child’s general well-being 

  • Your child may receive vaccinations

  • Growth analysis

  • Other types of growth and development tracking

Discuss concerns regarding sleeping, eating, toilet training, learning difficuly-ties, and social behaviors


These well child visits are typically designed to address your concerns and re-view the progress of your child’s growth. Your well child visit will include:

  • Patient health history

  • Physical measurements

  • Sensory screenings

  • Behavioral assessments and more

Your child’s well care visits are a great way to help prevent serious diseases, as well as assess your child’s age-appropriate body mass index. Childhood obesity is on the rise, and has become the major cause for a number of serious health issues. Your well child visit will ensure that your child is growing within the healthy percentile range for their age. Discussions regarding a healthy life-
style and a healthy diet as your child grows can help set them on a healthy lifestyle track to prevent diseases such as diabetes.

Recent studies have shown that many children do not see their physician regularly, and in fact, most do not follow the recommended well child visit schedule. Parents need to understand the importance of these visits. They are the cornerstone to early detection of serious health issues, important for Preventive care, and can help maximize your child’s overall health and wellness. 

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