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Nutrition and Weight Loss is to harmonize the gain of health and body composition.

In today's Society, there has been a growing awareness of the importance of nutrition in health and well-being. Nutritional imbalances - some by default and others by excess - are each man by itself, a proven risk factor for several diseases. Therefore, it is essential to maintain a healthy diet, to ensure the balance of all nutrients.
The need to resort to diets emerges not only as a way to improve health, but also as a means of achieving the body's desired image.

In these cases, even if the objective is purely aesthetic, it can and must be achieved healthily. The "miracle diets", performed by self-management, can even result in rapid weight loss but can also be a quick recovery of lost body fat, often with a lot of sacrifice. The body's tendency is to accumulate localized fat even more once the individual's back to his normal eating habits.
"We are what we eat."

The program begins with a consultation by the doctor, nutritionist about what will be an individual evaluation:

  • medical Evaluation  (weight, height, waist and hip circumference, percentage of water, lean mass and segmental fat mass, etc.)

  • Evaluation of eating habits and correction of nutritional errors

  • Lifestyle evaluation (physical activity, work schedules, restaurants, places, etc.).


Food and therapeutic indications will be made from the collected data, while the age and the ideal weight or the desired weight. The treatment is always personalized.
When weight loss is a result of well-programmed weight loss predominantly healthy reduction of body fat, without losses of organic fluids, minerals and protein structures, such as skin, muscles, organs, bones, noble matrix, etc. The low weight and rebalance the composition of the body, that is, maintain the normal relationship between lean mass and fat mass. As a result, it should not happen to the psychic alteration, physical and intellectual fatigue. Many vital functions must be maintained, since the elasticity of the skin, nails and hair, muscle strength, massive bone and strong immune system and absence of cardiac disorders and endocrine diseases.
A healthy diet adapted to each case, not only attenuates the complications of a series of pathologies such as possible, alone or with the help of appropriate appetite and inhibitors of physical exercise, they provide an adequate weight loss and maintain throughout life, improve the well-being and quality of life of the individual.
A diet made without the accompaniment of a multidisciplinary team may involve serious nutritional imbalances, with the consequent adverse effects on health, which may be irreversible. It is important that the patient knows that diet and exercise are vital in our program. They will be given advice on how to adapt what they already eat (meal plan) and exercise plan. We have our weight loss plans, guided by doctors to help you achieve your weight goals. It is important that the patient knows that diet and exercise are vital in our program. They will be given advice on how to adapt what they already eat (meal plan) and exercise plan.




The clinic does not ensure an exact loss of pounds or that you lose weight to your goal. Decreasing weight is sometimes complicated and requires a variable time.

The results of any weight loss program vary according to the patient's response to medications, to follow the diet and exercise program and even to the patient's metabolism.

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